Mounting an arch

Mounting an arch

DISCLAIMER:  Your mounting will likely vary.  Please use an abundance of caution and over engineer it to ensure the safety of you and your visitors.  If the location may encounter high winds, additional joining bolts can be requested at order time.

There are several ways to mount an arch.  This video below details two ways.  In both cases, it is helpful to have more than one person to help with holding and installing the arch.

1- Carriage bolt and wing nuts.  This requires a drill and a center punch or a way to mark the conduit or pipe and start the drill hole as well as longer carriage bolts to go through the plywood and the diameter of the pipe/EMT/tube to which it is mounted. 

2- 2-hole conduit strap and screws.  This requires a few very short screws that connect the strap to the back side of the arch.

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