How many letters can be put on an arch:  18, rarely 20.  If you want more than 18, we recommend the stacked arch to cut the number in half because the width of the letters gets pretty thin when scaled to fit.  The other option is to drop the font height to fit and while that is an option, it won't look the same.

Do you ship internationally: Not currently.

Can I help you market your site to improve your sales: No, but thank you.  You will not get a response.


The purpose of this contact form:

If you seek a design or product that you would like to buy, then ask if it is something we would consider designing and fabricating.  Several product offerings have come from customer inquiries.  Lets have a conversation.  If you have questions about product specifics not mentioned please submit your inquiry.  If you just want to chat, check out the facebook page and comment on something there.

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