Product Quality, Safety and Liability Release

Product Quality:

Wood is a natural product and inherently has some propensity to chip.  We use a BCX grade 1/2" plywood which is both economical and readily available.  As such, finer letter features such as the sharp points on the tips of E's and T's often found in the word 'cemetery' do have a tendency to chip.  This chipping is considered a feature and can either add to the visual distressed look most often desired for halloween arches and signs or will be covered up by the distressed foam that is attached over the top of the plywood backer.  These minor chips and dings are part of the product and expected as part of the machining process.  Due to the various options for customer finishing, some filler, sanding and paint will likely be required for your custom look. 

Custom foam letters also may have some visual dings or mars and this is expected to add to your distressed look, so we do not offer discounts for minor visual defects from the manufacturing process. 

Sundry Cuts LLC seeks to provide a quality product within the intended use case of  If you have concerns with your product quality, please contact us through our contact page or email custom at halloweenarches dot com.

Safety and Liability Release:

Sundry Cuts LLC recommends that customers consult with qualified crafts professionals to ensure the sign is structurally stable and safe.  Halloween arches are intended to be a visual sign mounted above the ground, however Sundry Cuts LLC takes no responsibility for customer mounting designs nor their function.  The arches sold on, from direct from Sundry Cuts LLC are not intended to structurally support anything beyond the foam letters sold with the sign.  Sundry Cuts LLC makes reasonable efforts to provide functional hardware for attaching the sign halves together, however Sundry Cuts LLC claims no guarantee the sign will be structurally sound.  It behooves the consumer to verify all connections and securely mount the sign to prevent any pieces detaching.  Sundry Cuts LLC strongly recommends a good quality outdoor paint to seal the edge of the plywood to slow degradation due to the elements, but makes no warranty expressed or implied of structural integrity once the sign is subjected to the elements such as rain, snow, sleet, hail, humidity, fog, or wind.  By purchasing a sign from Sundry Cuts LLC the user assumes all responsibility for the sign, its structure, and its mounting.  Should the sign not function as intended and cause any property damage or bodily harm, purchaser and users agrees to indemnify Sundry Cuts LLC from any responsibility or liability.