What should I name my haunt?

What should I name my haunt?

With Halloween still half a year away, the Halloween enthusiasts are hard at work planning for the next addition to the home display.  If a cemetery gateway arch is on the list, making sure a custom sign that represents the vision can be a key addition.  We at Hallowenarches.com have been told that sometimes deciding on the text on the custom arch is challenging.  In response to that, here is a list of AI-generated cemetery names that you might consider.

Keep in mind, that depending on the arch size, we recommend typically less than 18 letters.  The word Cemetery could be added or removed as necessary and they are randomly shown in the 3 different fonts available.  Hopefully these lists may help you settle on the best custom text for your Halloween arch.  Thanks for visiting and be sure to inquire on the contact page if you have questions!

Cemetery Font:

Masoleum Font:

Graveyard Font:

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