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MN Home Haunts FB group tombstone

MN Home Haunts FB group tombstone

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Show your Facebook Group support with this Minnesota Home Haunts Group logo tombstone.    This unfinished unpainted "raw" tombstone kit of custom cut pieces of polystyrene foam are ready for you to assemble, glue and distress as only you can do for your display style.

Unfinished Dimensions

  • 29" tall
  • 2.5" thick
  • 17" wide


To help with your mounting design an 18" 1/2" pvc pipe section is included.  It can be placed in the center for a single 1/2" rebar post to hold up, though this may not be the best option if there is excessive wind.  The PVC can be sawed in half and glued into the two 9" slots and mounted with 2 pieces of rebar or rebar can be glued into the two other 12" long slots shown in purple in the picture below and then the tombstone can just be pressed into the ground. 

Photo description: Tombstone with PVC in center channel or in side channels on back piece inside surface before being glued.  The single included PVC pipe can be cut to go in the two side channels or left and inserted in the single middle channel.  The purple slots drawn for illustration are for user-glued in rebar and are 12" long intended for 1/2" rebar.

What is included:

    1 - 1/2" PVC tube 18" long

    1 - 1" thick custom front layer

    1 - 1.5" thick backing layer with mounting channels

What is NOT included and what you must provide to finish:

  • Rebar
  • Glue
  • Paint
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