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Base Stand or Pedestal Tombstone add-on

Base Stand or Pedestal Tombstone add-on

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Add this optional mounting base to your custom headstones / tombstones / grave marker for a enhance authenticity.  These base pedestals work with 2.5" custom tombstones.  The tombstones will insert 1 inch into the base from above to be glued.  The mounting from the tombstone is matched with holes in the base for pvc or rebar slot use.  Insert slot is 17" x 2.5".  Not compatible with Tapered shape.  Arrow, Rocket, Hourglass, and Oval shapes can be used with this stand if the included kit base is not used.

Base options

  1. Stand: 2.5" stand lifts tombstone 1.5" and consists of 2 layers that are glued together.  Parts included:
    • 1" upper base with 1" outer cut
    • 1.5" lower base 


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